The Timeline Project


A young woman’s idea and dreams for how her life might evolve significantly change with an unplanned pregnancy. Bayer Women’s Healthcare wanted to play a lead role in helping women to understand the options they have when considering contraception. Rather than asking their OBGYN, “What about the pill?” Bayer would like women to ask their doctors, “What are my options for contraception?” opening the door to a dialogue about IUDs.

To begin the conversation, we built a fully-responsive social platform allowing her to create and set "goal posts" that would build themselves into a beautiful timeline of milestone events. For each milestone or goal, content from trusted sources about various healthy options and choices are pulled in to support the achievement of that goal including Bayer sponsored birth control content, increasing awareness of the Skyla IUD product.

We focused on mobile-first navigation with expanding and collapsing drawers for the process of creating a timeline. Once published, the experience relies on long-scrolling navigation to view the finished, vertically aligned timelines. There is a gallery of published timelines hosted on the site, and the social assets for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are beautiful representations of created timelines as well.



Interface Screens