Be The Match's Be The Guy Digital Campaign

Saving Real Lives In A Digital Way
Be The Match, a nonprofit on the front lines of curing cancer through bone marrow transplantation, is facing a critical business problem: low-quality donor registrants mean patient lives are at stake. Specifically, the registry was largely lacking the biologically ideal donor type: young guys age 18 to 24.

Flipping The Script
Our strategy was simple:  flip the classic cancer marketing script and focus on what the opportunity to donate means for the donor. In a first for the non-profit, it began to share the message across a range of digital properties and engage young guys.

Innovative Partner Strategies
We brought the Be The Match brand and campaign message to these young guys through integrations and activations across four integral partners—Nitro Circus, Reddit, Snapchat and Twitch—allowed us to capitalize on the best ad products and formats each channel had to offer, including new dynamic units from Snapchat and Reddit.

50% Increase In Crucial Young Male Donors
In the end, we got young guys to DO something. In three short months, we got more than 18,000 new donors to join the Be The Match registry, and increased the number of 18-24 year-old young guys on the registry by over 50%. In addition, the campaign was featured on advertising, marketing and nonprofit publications for its innovation.