Buffalo Wild Wings Fandamentals

For March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings wanted to introduce its popular TV character, Coach, to a new audience on the Internet and mobile devices.

Coach is a throwback to a simpler time. He comes from an era before the size of an athlete’s contract was surpassed only by the size of his ego. A time long before WiFi and wireless. A time when the only way he could work with fans was to be in the same room with them.

So to come up with an idea of how to bring him into the 21st century, we thought about what a coach does best: teach lessons and run drills. We called it Fandamentals.

The first part was a responsive website with a series of short, instructional, videos, where Coach taught sports fans how to be all they can be. The second was a mobile ad unit, where Coach ran a drill (game) that tested how well a fan could follow game action from one TV screen to the next.

The campaign was a huge success. Fandamentals brought Coach to a whole new audience online, aligning creative among what appeared on broadcast TV, Buffalo Wild Wings social, and the campaign landing page.

Fandamentals mobile CTR outperformed the campaign average by 54%. Engagement with the mobile rich media game exceeded food and beverage industry standard by 55%. Best of all, Fandamentals messaging featured two of the top three performing creative messages with 16% and 10% lift in purchase intent, respectively.


Visit Archived Site: http://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/fandamentals-retired/

Fandamentals Responsive Site

Fandamentals Responsive Site

Fandamentals Rich Media Mobile Ads.  Left Side - Countdown to a March Madness game near you, available at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Right Side  - Promotional mobile takeovers.

Fandamentals Rich Media Mobile Ads. Left Side- Countdown to a March Madness game near you, available at Buffalo Wild Wings. Right Side - Promotional mobile takeovers.

Mobile Rich Media Fandamentals Ad Game

Mobile Rich Media Fandamentals Ad Game


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