Nike Drew League

The Drew League is the greatest summer basketball league in the world. Other leagues (we see you, Ruckers) dispute this claim, but nobody has the gameplay, talent, fans, fashion, and community building like The Drew.

In its second year as title sponsor of Drew League, Nike engaged space150 to elevate the digital experience for a rapidly growing, and increasingly global fanbase. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend games in person and the games aren’t televised. We needed to create a solution that allows fans to sit courtside even if they’re not in Compton.

space150’s strategy work revealed three key insights:

- Mobile is their primary access to the internet
- They can’t get enough scores
- They’re social power users who tend to overlook Facebook

Armed with these insights, space150 created a mobile-first site showcasing The Drew through incredible imagery and up-to-the-minute social chatter. To further amplify the experience, we’ve created Game Day and non-Game Day states. Non-Game Days emphasize longer-form content, putting culture and athleticism front and center. On Game Days the site features live scoring and a curated social feed. It’s the next best thing to being in the building.   

Since launch, the site has experienced triple daily site traffic over the previous season. Fans and players have been sharing screen captures of the site, driving huge Instagram growth – 13K followers – in just under a month.

If you’re not in Compton this summer, don’t miss a dunk or celebrity sighting at