NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0


In May 2012, Nike and artist Tom Sachs partnered to release the NikeCraft Mars Yard, a shoe inspired by Sachs’ relationship with NASA’s scientists. It was designed as a high-performance equipment piece for the building of his SPACE PROGRAM 2.0: Mars exhibition in New York City. Five years later, we needed to digitally relaunch the 2.0 shoe to ensure that only true fans (and not just sneakerheads) would have first access to purchase.


We designed a multimedia NASA-inspired command center filled with interactive zines, videos, games, and user-generated content. A quiz about Tom Sachs was implemented wherein a user could get a chance to buy the shoe by answering a series of 16 questions correctly, proving that only those of intrepid spirit and doggedness would get first access to the shoe.

I have always embraced flaws. The natural polyurethane midsole shows wear. The shoe shows evidence of experiences, even the little bits of tongue that may flake off are like forensic bread crumbs. People wear their scars with pride, so that’s another reason why we don’t polish the materials away—it’s storytelling. Rock your shoes dirty to say, ‘I wear my shoes. I do things with my life. Behold the evidence of my actions.’
— Tom Sachs