space150 Office Halloween Videos

Choosing a Halloween costume is a nightmare. It’s gotta be funny or scary or timely, but without sacrificing sex appeal. It should be easy to get/stay drunk in. And if you spend more than $30 everyone loses. Who has the time to assemble an ensemble with so many prerequisites, amirite?  

The staff at space150 are Halloween experts. That’s likely because costumes have been mandatory since the company’s inception. Every year there is a parade of costumes, prizes, drinks, games, drinks, fun and drinks to celebrate the devil’s holiday (holla for an invite).

Despite being a 13-year mainstay, there are the inevitable bores showing up in civilian clothes. If you’re one of those costume-less dolts you’ll be assigned a costume. Said costume will be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and likely alienating... like “Zombie Mime” or “Dinosaur Accountant.” Although we laugh and taunt, secretly we feel bad.  

Ever the helpful bunch, this year we took to the office cupboards for a  “costume-less dolt dilemma” solution. We limited our medium to office supplies and, since we’re an agency, filmed the whole process. They were funny and creative and people were like “wow, these are funny and creative!” Look, these videos are better viewed than reviewed.