space150 Version 34 Mobile Site

Founded on the belief that challenging convention is the key to staying relevant, space150 embraces change by reimagining its identity every five months (150 days) in the form of versions — keeping what works and casting out what doesn’t. This forces the agency to stay relevant and on top of the latest trends, not only from a technology standpoint, but also from a messaging one.

For its 34th Version, space150 chose to tackled the topic of transparency. In this era of wiretapping, Edward Snowden and watchdog journalism, people expect brands to be more honest and open about who they are and what they stand for. Transparency is made up of two components, courage and truth. Courage to cut through the jargon and cliches that make up the majority of agency materials. and truth to state what they are best at proudly identify what they offer the world without promising the typical jack-of-all-trades mentality.

The responsive design of the site delivers an equally engaging experience on mobile and desktop while preserving the site’s minimalist design aesthetic. The use of the accelerometer within smartphones allows the user to experience a surprising animation simply by tilting their hand from side to side. Launch day site traffic saw nearly triple the traffic of the previous version. Since launch, the site has experienced double the daily site traffic of the previous version and time spent on site has increased by 40 percent.

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