Virtual Reality

For Victory Motorcycles, it’s the feel of the ride that drives purchases. But at the winter International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in Chicago, crowds of motorcycle enthusiasts can’t actually test drive bikes.

Victory Motorcycles challenged us to transcend seasonal limitations by creating a first-of-its-kind tradeshow experience that would grow brand awareness, drive traffic, and position Victory as an innovative brand. 

Using virtual reality (VR) platform, Oculus Rift, we created an immersive virtual ride with custom audio, a responsive throttle, authentic vibrations, and natural side-to-side lean. IMS attendees were taken from icy Chicago to North America’s most iconic rides.

The Victory VR experience was occupied 100% of the show’s duration, with lines over an hour long. 92% of those who tried the VR ride had their first VR experience and 91% had their first exposure to the thrill of riding a Victory Motorcycle.