Xcel Energy - Home Energy Workshop

It’s one thing to make a bunch of how-to videos, but it’s another to make them accessible. 

We wanted to present the videos in an interesting, engaging, and slightly unexpected way. The Xcel Home Energy Workshop kiosk was designed to reflect the This Is How experience and make learning fun and memorable. 

Placed in the how-to sections of public libraries, the kiosk resembles an actual home workshop. Visitors can scroll through the videos and step-by-step instructions, selecting which videos to text to themselves as they go. Once they’re ready to make their own home a more energy-friendly space, they’ll have every how-to video they need to go forth and save energy.   


Resting state reimagined as a visual tease that loops celebrations. 

Each time a viewer texts themselves a video, they receive a link to youtube that includes that video, a written materials list and step-by-step instructions.